Premium Coffee Beans

At RICCI, our coffee philosophy is simple.

We carefully select specialty grade coffee from single farms, ensuring the flavour of each hand-picked coffee cherry is optimised in our artisan wood roast. Our coffee beans are sourced from the traditional coffee-growing regions of Colombia, Costa Rica, Brazil and India. RICCI post-blend our coffee, a process which ensures we achieve the best possible flavor from each bean - delivering a robust flavour profile which is smooth and rich on the palate. RICCI take a distinctly Mediterranean approach to our coffee selection, keeping ingredients minimal and ideally blended to maximise flavour in every cup.


“Bright, Juicy, Sweet”

Buonasera has a bright acidity with Grapefruit, peaches and citrus up front with a nice creamy caramel finish and a pleasant, lingering aftertaste. Great for black coffee and full cream milk based. 

There’s a reason Buonasera is RICCI’s best selling wood-roasted coffee. Our distinctive hero blend is a crowd pleaser at any time of day, presenting a delicious flavour profile enjoying lush caramel notes, fresh Murray River stonefruit and aromatic citrus. Mild yet distinctive, Buonasera is rich as an espresso or long black and holds beautifully with milks. Simple, wood-roasted RICCI signature flavours at their peak.


“Full bodied, chocolate and orange”

Buongiorno has strong notes of dark chocolate and vanilla, a round body with a slight citric finish. Perfect for a milk based coffee.

Ciao with a POW! Conquer the day with Ricci’s energising Buongiorno blend of wood-roasted coffee. A cup of bold flavour to kickstart your morning, Buongiorno offers a delicious flavour profile featuring deep notes of chocolate and hazelnut. Fragrant, simple and distinctly ‘Ricci’ – it’s the Veni, Vidi, Vici of coffee. Perfectly passionate espresso-style or with your favourite milk.


“Full-bodied, chocolate and caramel”

The espresso blend has nice and round body, Carmel and chocolate bomb. Low acidity. Perfect for milk based and soy and almond milk

This unique RICCI wood-roasted coffee packs the attitude of Caesar into a cup. A traditional Mediterranean blend, Espresso is bold and unapologetic with a rare dark roast flavour. Referred to by the RICCI team as a ‘chocolate and caramel bomb’, our signature Espresso blend is smooth and rich, simple and delicious and subtly infused with the essence of Australian native woods. RICCI’s Espresso is an earthy blend that is sumptuous and holds beautifully with all milks.


“Rounded mouthfeel with tropical fruits and baked notes.”

Perfect for all milk based and black coffee.

RICCI wood-roasted Decaf coffee is inspired by our rich classic Espresso blend. Robust and delicious, this is one serious coffee. Naturally decaffeinated courtesy of a pure Swiss water process, our Decaf blend heroes RICCI’s complex dark roast flavour palette. Enhanced by the smoke, heat and unique flavour of Australian native woods – our Decaf is an earthy blend that holds beautifully with all milks.