Our Team


While you’ve heard that RICCI’s coffee blends are the perfect pairing of earthy and delicious – there’s another RICCI blend that you should know about! The combined brains and brilliance of Clara Santaera, Adriano Pilati, Marcello D’Intini, and Phillip Haddad is a team not to be challenged!

Adriano Pilati
For RICCI’s Adriano Pilati, the RICCI wood-roasting method is rich with passion and tradition. “It’s not mechanical. It’s artisanal. It’s got soul!” Coffee is central to Pilati’s Italian culture – memories of delicious pane café latte for breakfast and exploding cafetiera at his auntie’s house still bring him joy!

Phillip Haddad
Grinding coffee from the age of five, Phillip Haddad comes from a Lebanese background, where everyone was welcome in for a coffee. “It was just the way!” Now, as well as being one of the brains behind the unique RICCI wood-roasting method, Phillip owns a successful South Melbourne café, HUMBABA. To say g’day to Phillip and sample the delicious RICCI blend – head to HUMBABA on Dorcas Street, South Melbourne.

Marcello D’Intini
For RICCI’s Marcello D’Intini, the RICCI process begins long before the coffee beans reach our roaster. “There is an ethic that we adhere to. We honour the work already done. We honour the person who picks the bean and the person who carries the hessian sacks. We have to keep up that momentum!”

Clara Santaera
Clara Santaera, RICCI’s incredible Head Roaster! With a true passion for the coffee industry, Clara enjoyed many years as Head Barista at one of Melbourne’s best loved Italian emporiums before falling in love with the old fashioned art of wood-roasting. Singing while she works, you will find Clara firing up our 15kg Ghibli roaster and intuitively wood-roasting our RICCI blends to perfection each week. Drop by to see Clara and the RICCI team in action!