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“Full-bodied, chocolate and caramel”

The espresso blend has nice and round body, Carmel and chocolate bomb. Low acidity. Perfect for milk based and soy and almond milk

This unique RICCI wood-roasted coffee packs the attitude of Caesar into a cup. A traditional Mediterranean blend, Espresso is bold and unapologetic with a rare dark roast flavour. Referred to by the RICCI team as a ‘chocolate and caramel bomb’, our signature Espresso blend is smooth and rich, simple and delicious and subtly infused with the essence of Australian native woods. RICCI’s Espresso is an earthy blend that is sumptuous and holds beautifully with all milks.

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India: Robusta Cherry AB
Supplier: Upstream Coffee Imports
Region: Sunkasale
Producer: A M Vaz

Brazil: Sao Lucas
Supplier: Minas Hill Coffee
Region: Alta Mogiana
Variety: Yellow Catuai
Process: Natural
Farm: Labareda
Farmer: Flavia and Gabriel

The espresso blend was designed
to match the classical Italian
blends we used to drink in our
We used high quality Indian
robusta and specialty graded
Brazil to match those flavours
with quality. The low acidity in the
blend allows soy and almond milk
to cut through the coffee and
create a beautiful, creamy