Why choose RICCI Coffee? (for business)
If you’re looking for Australia’s coffee capital, you’ve found it in Melbourne. With our world-champion baristas, hidden laneway cafes, luxe coffee bars, and a flourishing start-up culture to fuel it can be easy to feel a little lost in the crowd. At RICCI, we’d love to help your business stand out with an outstanding coffee experience.

RICCI are the only artisanal wood-fired coffee roasters in Melbourne. We’re also a close-knit group of friends who hold coffee and culture close to our hearts. Our coffee is as much about process as it is about the final product. Our method is unique - and in a saturated market, we understand the import of a competitive difference when growing your business.

The RICCI team love sharing our technical skills, knowledge and passion for coffee, offering on-site training and support for baristas and roasters in-the-making. If you’re looking to develop your skills, build confidence behind the coffee machine or gain a better understanding of the coffee industry - we will support your team and business to deliver the best experience to your customer.  

As roasters, we feel it our responsibility to help connect customers to our coffee supply chain. From the farmers sourcing our high quality, raw green beans to the roasters firing up our 15kg Ghibli machine, local business owners working with our product to the baristas pouring a rich and delicious cup of RICCI artisan wood-roasted coffee – it’s crop to cup the RICCI way. By sharing our focus on sustainability, transparency and traceability, RICCI emphasise the import of understanding the story of our coffee.

Let RICCI be your point of difference.

Clara and Gabriel


Connecting with our farmers is critical to the RICCI story. This is one of our Brazilian farmers, Gabriel. We use his coffee in our espresso blend. Gabriel is from Bom Jesus estate and is producing some of best quality coffee in Brazil.

Support and Training (for business)
Clara Santaera is RICCI’s influential Head Roaster. With a deep knowledge of the coffee industry, Clara enjoyed many years as Head Barista at one of Melbourne's iconic Italian emporiums before falling in love with the art of wood-roasting at RICCI. Singing as she roasts, Clara has over ten years of incredible coffee knowledge to share with your business. The process, the reactions, the timing – Clara is confident that anyone can learn to pull a great coffee and she’s happy to pass on her wisdom to RICCI clients.

Supporting Clara are several talented assistant roasters and the boys that founded Ricci coffee, Phill, Marcello and Adriano. On hand to train and support your café as needed, RICCI’s roasters will bring out the best in your team … and our beans.

What does your business need?
Hands-on training in our roasting room? Expert advice on pulling the best possible espresso shot? Tips on texturing milk? We’ll even host a cupping session at your café, inviting your customers along to ensure they leave as regulars!

Machinery and Equipment
Lease your machinery and coffee equipment through RICCI.
Each business we work with requires a unique set-up, which we will facilitate in collaboration with your team.

RICCI are a sustainable coffee company. We offer our wholesale customers pails to store their coffee beans - and if you chose to sell coffee in a retail setting, we offer you our beautifully branded RICCI packaging

Behind the Beans

Phillip Haddad

Marcello D'Intini

Adriano Pilati

Clara Santaera