The Scene behind the beans

Where we source our raw coffee is incredibly important to the team at Ricci Coffee. It is a great task to connect the supply chain, sometimes it feels almost impossible to believe that you make a difference when you are a speck in the ocean that is our coffee industry, however that does not mean you give up.

Sourcing coffee that has traceability, sustainability and transparent prices in the supply chain is our mission. Quality coffee comes at a price, ultimately it comes at the expense of the farmer. As roasters around the world demand cheaper prices for the same quality, the farmers restraints become greater and almost impossible for them to make a profit. Direct trade isn’t an avenue to destroy Co-ops, no, everyone in the supply chain has his or her or its place, BUT direct trade gives us the option to make different choices, options to allow the farmer to be impowered. Roasters shouldn’t feel like they are doing wrong, but roasters should always be able to make educated decisions and know that there are other options behind the green scene and know that their choices have a ripple effect at origin.

Keeping ingredients to a minimal in the roasting room allows us to have more control and concentration on origins we can support directly. We sometimes get overwhelmed when we look at the bigger picture and we think to ourselves ‘how am I going to make a difference’, we make a difference by breaking things down and focusing on one point at a time and controlling what we can. Actions always have ripple effects and they will make a difference in farmers lives, their families and their communities. It helps the roaster convey that message to the customer and consumer, which is connecting the supply chain.

If you want to discuss what is happening at origin further, please contact us, we’ll be happy to delve deeper into this issue.

Team Ricci